After 8 successful editions, SOFA continues to gather every two years a significant number of Soft Computing (SC) researchers and professionals. Organized in Arad (Romania), SOFA 2020 aims to communicate and publish new theoretical and applicative research results, in the areas of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, and other methods belonging or connected to SC. Furthermore, SOFA encourages innovative reflections on SC and the creation of strong links between researchers, R&D engineers, and professional managers.

Soft computing (SC) is a collection of methodologies that are trying to cope with the main disadvantage of the conventional (hard) computing: the poor performances when working in uncertain conditions. The fundamental idea of soft computing is to emulate the human like reasoning. The classic constituents of SC are fuzzy logic, neural network theory and probabilistic reasoning, but new methods are continuously emerging: belief networks, genetic algorithms, anytime algorithms, chaos theory, some parts of learning theory, etc.